Where are you giving your best quality time & attention?

So I want to start with a question – when do you think you have most impact?

Is it when you’re focusing on those things in your to do list you’re doing because it’s the most responsible or practical thing you could be doing and to help you move forwards. Or, is it when you are focused on something that gives you an energy and joy and awakens your passion.

I mention this as we were having this discussion in the Unstoppable Together Network group i’m running and someone come up with a beautiful analogy. We were discussing the fact that for many of us we leave the things that we most care about, the part of our work that matters most to us, to those odds and sods of times that are left when we’ve done everything else on our to do list.

The analogy he came up with was that it’s like leaving having to leave the chocolate desert to the end of the meal when you’ve really earned it, even though that’s the bit you’re really excited about. Fine maybe for cake, but does that still make sense when it’s where our creative energies are most engaged.

So the experiment I’d like you to play with this week is to turn this equation on its head.

Give your best quality time and attention to the thing that is giving you most energy and joy work wise at the moment and judge for yourself where you have the most impact.

In my personal experience when I focus on  the area that has most energy for me there’s an ease and freedom of flow and effectiveness that comes that isn’t present in the same way when I’m doing something that feels responsible.

For me that might be focusing on doing a job application where my heart’s not quite in it versus creating a new service for my business that springs from genuine insight and need and makes my heart sing.

Let me know how you get on and where you think the biggest impact of achieved??

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