When unstoppable is the last thing you feel!

It may seem odd to start the blog on this note, but actually it is when we are not at our best, operating at well below full capacity, struggling to maintain clarity and motivation and as I was recently, that we get to see how unstoppable we really are.

Ironically this should have been one of my best weeks running the business so far. I had some fantastic news about a new programme I’m running for social entrepreneurs, but my head was simply not in the game. My energy levels were low, I felt unsure of myself…basically anything but unstoppable.

But what helped me keep going was the certain knowledge that undesirable and frustrating as this state of mind was, it was temporary. It was simply a patch of dull and stormy mental weather that would pass, maybe not as quickly as I’d like, but for certain I knew my natural motivation and clarity would return.

In the past I may have got myself and those around me very interested in what this might mean, trying to pin down why I felt off and what I should do about it. Now, I just do my best not to go down those rabbit holes and keep on doing what I need to do – things that made sense when I was operating from a place of greater clarity and insight.

This points to the essence of being unstoppable, very literally ‘not stopping’ because of the quality or content of our less helpful thinking, but trusting that even though you’ve temporarily lost your bearings your internal sat nav will reconnect shortly. If you just keep heading in the direction that made sense when things looked clearer you won’t go too far off track, or worst case you find a new route to where you want to go.

It is also incredibly helpful to know that it is a natural and inevitable part of being human that we will have ebbs and flows in our mental performance. Sometimes we will just have hours, days or even weeks when we are operating well below full capacity. Much of the frustration and struggle we have at these times comes from resisting where we are at. In fact, not fighting it and beating ourselves up, creates the best conditions for the fog to lift and normal service to be resumed.

When you are working for someone else you have little choice but to show up and do your best because someone is paying you to be at your desk. Well, showing up is really the key here – if you can just keep showing up and taking action, however cloudy your thinking, you may yet be surprised with what’s possible. Borrowing from theosopher Sydney Banks, we are only ever one thought away from returning home to our natural capacity for inspired action.

If this sparks any new ideas or you’re feeling less than Unstoppable at the moment I’d love to hear from you via matt@unstoppable-together.co.uk.

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