Turbo charged teams

Transform your organisation's performance with teams that are connected, resilient and all pulling in the same direction

Ring any bells?

  • People getting stressed and overwhelmed in the face of pressure or uncertainty
  • Frustrated by frictions that are impacting performance and morale
  • Not sure why you’re not getting the results you’d expect for all the effort going in
  • Lack of fresh thinking and resourcefulness in the face of major business challenges
  • Challenging to get buy in to a new strategy, structure or programme

How we can help

Breakdown barriers to great relationships

See what gets in the way of connected, impactful relationships and achieve a totally new level of effectiveness working with even the most ‘difficult’ colleagues, stakeholders or clients.

Happy, healthy teams that can handle pressure

Understand where stress really comes from and the teams’ triggers and reactions in order to stay clear headed, productive and positive, however demanding the circumstances.

Stay productive & focused

Spend more time ‘in the zone’ making things happen, not getting overwhelmed or distracted by the never-ending to do list.

Harness collective wisdom to drive innovation

Harness the collective creativity and brainpower of your team free from the habitual thinking, team dynamics and assumptions that limit your perspectives.

Adapt & respond to change with confidence

Harness our powerful inbuilt sat nav to set our course and adapt freely to changing circumstances without losing confidence or direction.

Create a team of leaders

See how it can be routine for staff at any level to have the confidence and clarity to take greater ownership and make decisions.


Perspective is key – learning from someone else’s perspective, and understanding that your perspective is just your lens on what happens.
Oomph! Wellness
Trust your instincts, remember that your thinking is the main determinant of how you experience things, then make a more calculated, informed decision on how to respond.
Oomph! Wellness
I learnt what causes stress levels in my colleagues to be raised which I think is important when working as a team.
Pathway CTM