Urgency – friend or foe!

My nugget of wisdom for the day is about urgency and that sense of urgency that we get when we feel like unless we get that job sorted…unless we see income coming in…unless we get that project live – we’re not going to be okay.

So we push ourselves to keep sprinting forwards – that can be productive at times, and other times it can be utterly exhausting.

For most of us who are reinventing or imagining what we do with our lives it’s a long game – not a sprint. It can sometimes look like that feeling of urgency is is a natural, inevitable and helpful state of mind to be in when we’re doing something important, but the truth is that the feeling is a product of us outsourcing our okness, our wellbeing and security to some imagined future event e.g. my life will be better when this is sorted.

If you’re anything like me I do better when I am jogging at the speed of life rather than constantly pressuring myself to sprint to get ahead, and having my mind sped up and racing. So I invite you to get curious next time you feel that sense of urgency building about whether it’s serving you or not and I’d love to know your experiences.