Work ready students

Do your graduates have the mindset and resilience to adapt and thrive post Covid?

Transform the effectiveness and wellbeing of graduates by investing in a critical, but often overlooked aspect of their education

Ring any bells?

You are passionate and committed about getting the very best out of the young people you work with but know that they are holding themselves back by… 


Working in partnership with IHEART, a student resilience and wellbeing education charity, Unstoppable! is delivering transformative, preventative resilience programmes for students in higher education and graduate programmes. 

I am feeling more relaxed asking for other people's help and getting over things that are not that important in my life
I have realised that thought is so powerful and we can only take what others say personally if we allow it to happen
I am confident. I used to be very shy and find it hard to contribute during class discussions
I have definitely changed the way I think - I have stopped overthinking so much and I worry less
University of Westminster participants

How we can help

Take life in your stride

Recognise your own innate capacity to handle and make sense of challenging situations so you can take life’s inevitable ups and downs in your stride.

Believe in yourself

See what’s possible when you experience living moment to moment unconstrained by your limiting thinking and beliefs.

Get connected

Dissolve the barriers to connected, effective relationships in any area of life .

Be comfortable in the unknown

Gain the confidence to trust your in-built sat nav, experiment and thrive in the unknown, and recognise the habits that may trip you up.

Express yourself fully

Discover the freedom to express yourself fully in any interaction or setting, and discover the superpower of listening with less on your mind.

Keep calm under pressure

Break the hold of stress and anxiety by seeing it for what it is and allowing yourself to default back to your innate capacity for clear headed thinking.