Real time responsiveness vs fortune telling

Something I’ve been struggling with over the past few days is the curse of thinking that you can or need to work something out before you make a start on it.

This is not to say that it can’t be very helpful to be thoughtful about embarking on any kind of project or undertaking, but when you start to feel “I really need to get clear in my own head how this is going to work” before you start on it, it can become very disabling because you’re missing a vital ingredient – reality!

Something that you are working out in your head can only ever be a product of your imagination, where as the act of creation is of necessity your interaction with other other realities, and most likely that means conversations with other people.

We tend to OVERPLAY our ability to analyse and be outstanding fortune tellers and determine what’s going to work in advance, and we UNDERPLAY the absolute potency of our real-time responsive intelligence to adapt and navigate and tweak as we go.

I’ll report back how I’m getting on but I’d love to hear if there’s any examples where you’ve been seeing this at work for yourself?

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