Tailored to your needs

Every programme designed with you to reflect your goals, availability & budget


Free initial consultation to understand where you’re at, what you’d like to achieve and if we’d enjoy working together

Tailored package of coaching (daytime or evening) to deliver on your objectives and reflect your availability and budget


The design of every programme will be informed by detailed briefing and intake from clients/ participants to set programme goals and evaluation criteria. Typically, there are two main models:

For those seeking a breakthrough on a critical issue or way of working:

3 day intensive workshop with follow up support via group and one to one face to face/ video call sessions

For those looking to optimise performance & troubleshoot issues as they arise:

Series of group face to face/ video call sessions with one to one sessions or longer workshops around particular topics as required

Impact & Evaluation

All coaching programmes include a quantitative and qualitative pre and post self-assessment combined with impact measurement of personal or business KPIs most closely aligned with coaching goals

Personal goals might include decisions made, opportunities generated, new ways of working implemented

Business goals may include sales performance, operational deliverables, staff retention and satisfaction