Failure to Launch

Feel like you're stuck on the launchpad, whilst everyone else is taking off?

We dispel the myths and misunderstandings that lead you to feel like you're not where you ought to be, and reveal the amazing internal guidance system that will propel you to work that's right for you, and allow you to gracefully handle the bumps along the way.

Virtual workshops & courses

Rethinking success - find your direction

Discover what becomes possible when you get free of the myth there is somewhere else you ought to be where you'll have a 'proper career' or be happy/ secure/ successful/ good enough, and relax into the journey...

Confidence & motivation

When we aren't outsourcing how we feel to what is or isn't happening in our day, we find that the elusive confidence, motivation and hopefulness we cherish is actually far more readily available than we imagine.

Decision Making

When we regard a decision as REALLY IMPORTANT, we innocently inhibit our natural ability to call it. Reading the feedback from our internal guidance system better, can help us tune back into our own common sense and instincts about what actually makes sense for us.

Procrastination & perfectionism

Do you dream of making it big but do nothing about it? Are you waiting until it 'feels right' or there's a better time? Discover why we find it so hard to do the things that matter most to us, and get out of your head and into action without all the usual struggle.


Why, when a interview, exam, project or decision feels big or important do we often get over invested and find it harder to do our best work because we're stressed and anxious? It's only when we understand the route cause of this reaction that we can regain our freedom and be ok just doing the best we can.

Setbacks & disatisfaction

What to do when you feel stuck in a job that is not for you, or you've had to take any job that pays, and you have no idea how to move forward. Get beyond wishful thinking, see the mental system you're really running, and judge if that's consistent with whatever direction you say you'd like to be headed.

About Matt & Christine

Matt was the classic academic high achiever (with a sideline in DJing and all night raves) getting straight As and studying English at Oxford, where things didn’t go to plan and he left with a painfully secured 2.2. 

In spite of fascinating work in senior marketing and innovation roles across media, telecoms and latterly social impact for a long time he was haunted by a sense of not being good enough and a persistent feeling he was somehow under-achieving and ought to be somewhere better or different like his imagined peers or more successful self!

It took Matt until his late 30s to shake the notion there was somewhere else he needed to get to in order to feel successful, and gained a new freedom in finding work that balanced purpose, income and lifestyle. When this was no longer satisfying enough he started his own business sharing what he’s still very much learning with others on this journey.

Christine was the polar opposite of Matt, a challenging pupil that after GCSEs was ‘politely’ asked not to come back to school. She didn’t go to university, but had the natural grit and confidence to make her way through roles as varied as accounting, adult education,  and wellbeing

Having felt there was something missing because she didn’t have the pieces of paper that said she was a bonafide professional, she travelled the world doing courses, looking for the next certificate that would make her feel expert enough. 

It took a deep insight into the fundamental misunderstandings that had been driving this quest  before Christine finally realised that she actually does have everything she needs already, and can just focus on doing the work that’s important to her now. Helping others along the way to take less conventional paths to their own success.

Who we've worked with

I have been more positive about the way I view myself
I don’t procrastinate & I’ve stopped postponing things
I like to step up and take challenges now
I have stopped overthinking so much and I worry less