Love your work

Stuck in a rut, facing redundancy or stalled making a change?
We'll help uncover the clarity, confidence and inspiration to create a work life you love

Ring any bells?

  • Stuck in a rut feeling like there must be more to life than daily stress and frustration
  • Repeatedly running up against people or situations and suspect there’s something you’re missing
  • Facing redundancy and uncertain what to do next
  • Finding it tough to find a new role and not sure what else to try
  • Wanting to start a business or take a hobby to the next level

How we can help

See what really matters

Get clear on what’s most important to you to create a vision for your work life that inspires, unnerves or just makes you smile.

Remove the blinkers & make a plan

See all the possible ways you could fulfil on your vision and make a plan that will jump-start your journey consistent with where you are in life now.

Discover your blind spots

Discover any invisible habitual thinking that's clouding your vision or holding you back.

Communicate powerfully

Be able to make your vision compelling for others and communicate it effectively in any medium.

Re-discover how to trust yourself

Gain the confidence and self-belief to trust your instincts, experiment and thrive in the unknown whatever or whoever comes your way.

Find a new gear

Find a sustainable new gear in pursuit of what's important to you. Break down the barriers to being resilient, resourceful and clear headed when you need it most.

During a career crossroads, working with Matt helped me sense a force that was somehow guiding me. I felt more encouraged to follow my instincts, believe more in myself and my actions, appreciate my achievements on this journey and ultimately, discover my career love. I've never been happier with what I'm doing!
Daleep Chhabria
ex corporate maketeer, now entrepreneur with portfolio of businesses