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"...the ability to take time off and disconnect, breathe and reflect on our new reality is gold, I think everyone should do that!"
Senior Lecturer & Personal Tutor, University of Westminster

To book your confidential, introductory 60 minute call, click the ‘Unstoppable coaching call’ link and pick a date and time that works for you from the calendar which shows my availability.

If daytimes are difficult, I offer evening slots on a Wednesday, or if you have any issues finding a slot that works for you mail me at

I very much look forward to speaking to you soon, and exploring how it is both possible and vital to be unstoppable at times of great challenge and uncertainty.

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How coaching can help

Decision Making

Confidential, external sounding board to get clarity, perspective and new insights about the critical challenges keeping you up at night.


Prioritise what’s most important without getting overwhelmed or distracted by all the other urgent things you could be doing.

Get the best from others

Understand how best to cultivate the resilience & wellbeing in others (without unduly impacting your own).

Avoid burn out

Maintain a healthy relationship to stress, anxiety & uncertainty to stay clear headed, positive and productive however demanding the circumstances.

Challenging conversations

Achieve a new level of comfort and effectiveness dealing with ‘challenging’ people and conversations.

Managing & teaching remotely

Insightfully see what your teams need from you to allow them to be at their best and cultivate new ways of operating that reflect this.