Matt Halfin, Founder

I’m a career and leadership coach, business mentor and award winning social impact marketeer on a mission to free people to be unstoppable in creating work lives and businesses that matter to them and the world.

Prior to dedicating my time to coaching I spent 16 years in senior marketing roles building and growing disruptive services that challenged and changed their markets in sectors including media (ITV, Planet Hollywood), telecoms (Vodafone Group, Three), government (UK Trade & Investment, OpentoExport) and social care (Oomph! Wellness). Having worked  as an employee and mentor with organisations of many sizes, sectors and motivations, I really know what it’s like on the front line for those creating and working in organisations great or small that are seeking to do something remarkable.

Having followed my curiosity to discover what actually determines how I and others perform in the face of the constant pressure and uncertainty that characterises most of our working lives, I trained to share what I had learnt as a qualified Innate Health coach. Since then I’ve been working with universities, entrepreneurs, teams and career shifters to see what becomes possible when we operate in alignment with the incredible intelligence that powers our psychological system. 

Through my own initially reluctant exploration into the world of personal development I’ve gained a radically new, but beautifully simple and reliable understanding of how our minds work that made sense of that nagging feeling that I must be missing something. I was, and it was fundamental -The Missing Link – as Innate Health founding father Sydney Banks describes it. It turned out that my experience of all those roles was an inside job, coming from my own mind not all those challenging colleagues, clients and  situations that looked like they were making things harder than they needed to be.   

Having seen everything I was innocently doing to contribute to my imperfect experience of professional life, my resilience, relationships, confidence and effectiveness were transformed.

For the first time I was able to be fully myself at work navigating the inevitable ups and downs with far more clarity, creativity and humour.

Ultimately, when I was able to listen beyond the mental noise and tune into what really mattered to me I was able to break free of the direction I felt I ought be travelling e.g. up the corporate ladder, and follow my heart and instincts into the unknown. I embarked on a new type of search for employment that led me to totally unexpected roles that were true and right for me and in line with values I never quite realised I held.

When that was no longer quite enough I took the leap of faith, following that same internal guidance system to create a business that allowed me to focus on the work I most love and believe will have the biggest impact – and that’s what brings us together now!  

Having seen how helpful this understanding was for me, I felt compelled to share it with anyone who was getting stuck on those same old misunderstandings and support them to achieve remarkable things.

I qualified as an Innate Health coach with Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs at InsightSpace in 2015, and have continued to hone my craft and understanding with the support of mentors such as bestselling author and coach Chantal Burns, Dr Judith Sedgeman, supercoach Michael Neil and leading US people performance experts Ken Manning and Robin Charbit at Insight Principles. I am a certified Advanced IHEART facilitator qualified to deliver their wellbeing and resilience curriculum in educational settings.

I’ve been working with senior academics and students in higher education, social impact business founders and teams, and individuals at professional crossroads to see what becomes possible when we work with, rather than against, the incredible design of our minds.

If you feel that you or your organisation is capable of much more and would like to find out what it takes to be unstoppable let’s talk.

George Halfin, Associate

I’m a qualified Innate Health Coach, co-founder of Overthinkers Anonymous and author of the blog Confessions of an Overthinker.

I have worked in design and marketing for many years within the charity, private and arts sectors, for organisations such as AXA Insurance, Terrence Higgins Trust and Absolute Return for Kids (ARK). Most recently I developed and ran an online counselling and groupwork programme for people struggling with addictions for a national UK charity.

I came across Innate Health (often called the 3 Principles) by accident when I was asked to organise the UK’s first ever Innate Health conference for what is now the Innate Health Centre (the premiere centre for learning this approach in the UK). I was struck by the profound impact this understanding could have on individuals and society as a whole. At this time I was at a relatively happy point in my life and had no idea how much my ‘over-thinking’ was impacting my career and personal life! This began a journey that has made a profound impact on my life and that of my husband and young family.

I graduated from the One Thought Professional Institute in early 2014 where I was trained and mentored by some of the leading practitioners and pioneers of this approach from around the world.

Since then I have collaborated with my husband Matt delivering resilience training for organisations and have worked with mums of younger children to help them regain confidence in their own abilities in their home and professional lives. I’ve also set up the  Overthinkers Anonymous community to help fellow overthinkers see the habits of thinking that hold them back and a live a life with greater spontaneity, resilience, peace of mind, love and laughter.

Alex Waters, Associate

Since 1990 I have specialized in devising and facilitating workshops and training for communities/ organisations around mental/ emotional health and wellbeing. 

With a background in dramatherapy, counselling, coaching, and training in the private, statutory and voluntary sectors, I bring a wealth of experience to my role as a facilitator.  

Recent clients have included the NSPCC, The Roots Foundation Wales, Swansea Mind, Swansea Carers Centre and the Department for Work & Pensions.

I trained as a 3 Principles Facilitator at The Insight Space with Ian Watson and Carol Boroughs and I currently mentor other facilitators who are in training. I am also an Accredited Wellbeing Mentor Coach for Wisdom & Wellbeing Consultancy (London) and a registered practitioner on 3PGC (3 Principles Global Community).

Since 2014 I have been passionately ‘following my bliss’, sharing this understanding with individuals and groups of all ages to nurture individual and community insight, empowerment and change. 

John Scott, Associate

John is a Transformational Coach and Wellbeing & Resilience Practitioner.

A former Creative Director, he has 16 years experience in the field of design and branding. In 2013, whilst looking to develop his creative potential and better reconcile himself with the world around him, he was introduced to a new understanding of the mind. It had a profound effect on him.

He saw that it was not only the key to his creativity, but that it was the key for lasting, positive change in all areas of his life. More importantly, he saw that the basic principles it introduces are fundamental to all our lives and as such have the potential to benefit every individual, and therefore every organisation, institute and society.

This clarity led him to train as a coach in this understanding with Michael Neil’s Supercoach Academy and The One Thought Institute, and to set up his wellbeing practice. He now works in schools, businesses and with individuals to help them see the truth in these powerful principles of the mind for themselves.

Christine Friend, Associate

Christine has spent the last 10 years searching to find the most impactful techniques for her clients. Originally trained as an adult education teacher, she then gained a diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and became a Master Practitioner.

In the last five years she has trained all over the world with experts in human psychology to become a Clarity Coach with Jamie Smart.

As a mother to 3 amazing (but challenging) young adults, she is naturally drawn to helping other young people and parents who are struggling with life. Those that sometimes feel like no-one knows what they are going through, like no-one gets them, like they are surrounded by people, but completely alone. She specialises in helping teens and young adults suffering with panic attacks and anxiety working with both students and those that support them, and is an accredited IHEART facilitator working with schools and universities.